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Volume 1 Number 2 November 2017


To know more of what it is and what it is not: Pacific research on the move
(pp. 198-204)

Kabini Sanga
Victoria University of Wellington

Martyn Reynolds
Victoria University of Wellington

“Violence is not part of our culture:” Ruminations about violence, culture and gender 
(pp. 205-219)

Lynda Newland
University of St Andrews (former)

Social workers without borders: Challenges to building partnerships. Learning from a PNG/Australian social work education relationship
(pp. 220-231)

Dunstan Lawihin
University of Papua New Guinea

Catherine Flynn
Monash University

John K. Kamasua
University of Papua New Guinea

Twenty-five years of inequality-reduction policies in school achievement in New Caledonia
(pp. 232-249)

Samuel Gorohouna
University of New Caledonia

Catherine Ris
University of New Caledonia

Education, colonisation and Kanak aspirations in New Caledonia: Historical contexts and contemporary challenges
(pp. 251-263)

David Small
University of Canterbury 

When the ‘tuna wars’ went hot: Kiribati, the Soviet Union, and the fishing pact that provoked a superpower
(pp. 264-281)

Jeff Willis
University of Canterbury 

Hegemony and counter hegemony in Fiji
(pp. 282-305)

Sanjay Rasmesh
University of Sydney

Domesticating by commodifying the liberal peace? Evidence from the southern Philippines
(pp. 306-324)

Jovanie C. Espesor
University of Canterbury

Speeches by some prominent policy thinkers

Governance paradoxes and pathways in Pacific Island countries
(pp. 326-339)

Satyendra Prasad
Chief Executive Office, Papua New Guinea Governance Facility

The future of Pacific regionalism: Challenges and prospects
(pp. 340-347)

Colin Tukuitonga
Secretariat of the Pacific Community

Redefining the Role of the Military in Democratization
(pp. 348-350)

John Wood
University of Canterbury
Published by the Macmillan Brown Centre for Pacific Studies University of Canterbury