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Volume 6 Issue 2 September 2022

Special Issue 

Spaces and Practices of Pacific

Thought and Research


Introduction by editors of the Special Edition
(pp. 101-103)

Patrick Vakaoti
University of Otago

Rosalina Richards
University of Otago

Mele Taumoepeau
University of Otago

Growing into: Pacific intellectual genealogies and indigenous development 
(pp. 104-117)

Emma Powell
University of Otago 

Erica Newman
University of Otago 

Integrating Pacific research methodologies with Western social science research methods: quantifying Pentecostalism’s effects on Fijian relationality 
(pp. 118-135)

John Shaver
University of Otago

Thomas White
University of Otago

Navigating Fiji’s higher education landscape with indigenous research methodology 
(pp. 136-155)

Charmaine Kwan
Independent Researcher

Vivienne Anderson
University of Otago 

Talanoa – Pasifika and beyond
(pp. 156-164)

Regina Maniam
University of Otago

If exam scripts could talk: insights for literacy teaching and assessment in Oceania
(pp. 165-185)

Ruth Toumu’a
University of Otago 

Mo’ale ‘Otunuku
University of the South Pacific

The revitalised Fonofale as a research paradigm: a perspective on Pacific sexuality and reproduction research
(pp. 186-201)

Cameron D. Young
University of Otago 

Rebecca J. Bird
University of Otago

Bryndl E. Hohmann-Marriott
University of Otago

Jane E. Girling
University of Otago

Are we losing the battle: Fiji’s efforts against illicit drugs 
(pp. 202-221)

Sandhiya Gounder
University of Otago 

Reporting legislation of child sexual abuse in the Pacific: a review
(pp. 222-238)

Adriu Naduva
University of Otago