Volume 8, Issue 1 March 2024

Interdisciplinary Intersections

This issue of Pacific Dynamics shows the extraordinary inter-disciplinary range of its contributions. While reflecting this diversity, this issue also illustrates the common ground that is often shared by papers. For example, as in most issues of this journal, there is a strong theme that explores methodological and theoretical aspects. In many papers, the topic of discussion itself is underpinned by analysis informed by the application of methodological and theoretical approaches. As well as this, Pacific Dynamics often also includes contributions that have a specific focus on theory and method per se. Indeed, one of the distinctive features of Pacific Dynamics is the emphasis given to discussions on Pacific epistemologies, philosophies, and ontologies.

In this issue, cross-cutting themes include (in addition to the Pacific-focussed methodological and theoretical approaches mentioned above), education, climate change, adaptation and resilience, Indigenous knowledge, and sustainable livelihoods and practices.